Already on Friday Colimata published the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde for X-Plane 11. Currently, the world-famous supersonic aircraft is still in Early Access – which is why it is available at a reduced introductory price of 50 US dollars. The Colimata Concorde can be purchased at the According to the developers, the Early Access variant is aimed at “friendly users”. They will then receive the finished version of Concorde free of charge as soon as it is available. For the first time we reported about the project in October 2018.

Features of the Colimata Concorde

A glance at the Concorde product description reveals numerous functions. These include a super-detailed cockpit and a detailed exterior model. 4K textures and Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) will also be used. In addition, Colimata promises an adapted flight model for subsonic and supersonic flight. The special vortex lift and ground effects are to be simulated with the help of a plug-in. However, the autopilot has so far been kept rather superficial – but the developers are still talking about progress here. Also the manual currently contains only 55 pages, a complete version will follow in summer.

The real Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde celebrated its maiden flight in 1969, making it the first supersonic passenger aircraft to perform scheduled flights. Air France and British Airways flew from Paris and London to New York in just three hours. However, following a tragic accident in July 2000 and a lack of passengers, the Concorde era ended in 2003. The two airlines discontinued their services to New York – and the Concorde was decommissioned.

Almost two decades later, however, supersonic passenger aircraft could experience a revival. Not only the Save Concorde Group wants to bring the classic back into the air. The Denver-based company Boom Technology is even planning a successor.

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