Apparently, the British game developer hasn’t had enough: After moderate successes of DTG Flight School and DTG Flight Sim World, hardly anyone would have expected Dovetail Games to report back again in Flight Simulation. As a press release of the company shows, the team now wants to really take off. An extensive update for the FSX:Steam Edition is planned!

Dovetail Games had secured the distribution rights for the FSX Gold Edition in 2014. In several months of development it was improved and officially released as FSX:Steam Edition. The developers now want to use this basis and are already working on the big update, which will be released in the coming months. Whether the update will be charged remains under lock and key. But we are sure that Dovetail Games has a structured plan.

The most important improvements in the overview:

  • Australia is now included
  • improved world representation on all continents
  • Additional aircraft with impressive system depth
  • OOM protection function
  • new mission packages on all continents
  • improved standard textures
  • VR support (planned)

We remain curious. Dovetail Games believes in success: “We undoubtedly see a bright future in this 32-bit platform,” concludes Stephen Hood, Creative Director at Dovetail. The “FSX:SE” is available here on Steam.

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