Last weekend Lebor Simulations published Beirut XP for X-Plane 11. The capital of Lebanon is also known as “Paris of the Middle East” and is available as freeware for download on The package includes not only the city area itself, but also Rafiq Hariri Airport not far from the city center. As Lebor Simulations itself writes, the development took two whole years. Nevertheless, the team would like to deliver some updates in the future, especially to replace the generic textures in the scenery.

More details about Beirut XP

The obviously enormous amount of work is also reflected in the functional description. As a result, Beirut XP comes with color corrected aerial photos. However, according to the manual, these were taken in 2008 and are therefore a bit older. Furthermore, Lebor Simulations promises autogenous objects, generic residential and commercial buildings as well as accurate skyscrapers. In addition, there is a detailed inner city and an accurate harbour area with numerous 3D objects. Furthermore, two hospitals with helicopter landing pads as well as dynamic and static night lighting are to be included.

The development team also promises a “very realistic replica” for Rafiq Hariri Airport. The 3D infrastructure was largely taken from the FSX version of the scenery. This has been available as freeware since February 2013. In combination with aerial photographs, semi-transparent ground textures (so-called decals) will also add numerous details close to the ground. Last but not least, the add-on also offers animated passenger boarding bridges. The popular Autogate plug-in is used here.

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