About nine months after the first announcement (We reported), the X-Crafts ERJ Family is now approaching completion. This is what they reported a few days ago on their Facebook page. The basic product, which contains the ERJ 145, ERJ 135, ERJ 140 and ERJ 145XR, has been realized, now the finishing touches have to be done. The planned product price and a complete overview of the implented functions are not yet available. In the full article we have included the latest pictures. The X-Crafts ERJ Family will be released for X-Plane 11.

The ERJ Family consists of several regional aircraft of the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. Since it was put into service in 1996, more than 1,200 aircraft have been produced to date. With a diameter of 2.10 metres, the aircraft have a particularly narrow fuselage. Due to the declining demand for jets with small passenger capacity, more and more aircraft of this type are being decommissioned. In Europe, after the insolvency of flybmi, only the French regional carrier HOP! still operates this type.

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