With the X-Crafts ERJ Family, the development studio has just released a bundle of five new regional aircraft for X-Plane 11. The Add-On aircraft come after a not too long development phase, which we recently reported about. We last reported on the project a month ago. The add-on was developed as an ERJ Family for X-Plane 11, costs US $89.95 and is now available for purchase on X-Plane.org. However, the different aircraft are also available separately. Then they cost US $49.99 each. For example the ERJ-145 and ERJ 145XR or the ERJ-135.

Features of the X-Crafts ERJ Family

The list of functions is long: high-resolution textures for the indoor and outdoor models, various animations, a special FMOD soundset and even Wingflex are to be brought along by the Brazilian short-distance hoppers. Only the Flight Management Computer, or FMC for short, requires customers to cut back. The developers write on the product page that the built-in module does not correspond to the real model.

The developer Marko Mamula hides behind X-Crafts. After the larger e-jets (We reported), the ERJ Family was his second project for X-Plane 11. As he writes, the regional aircraft should be suitable for all simulation enthusiasts. Both beginners and fans of study level aircraft should enjoy the ERJ Family. The package includes the ERJ-135, 140, 145, 145XR as well as the Legacy 650.

The Legacy 650 is a variant designed for business customers. In the style of a typical private jet, up to 14 people can be accommodated in an ERJ Legacy. It did not make its maiden flight until 2009, more than ten years after the family’s other aircraft.

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