The Coolsky Super 80 Classic, Super 80 Professional and DC-9 Classic will be released “soon” for Prepar3D v4. This is the result of a blog post by the developer team. They’ll be back after years of silence. Despite the fact that no new features will be included, each aircraft will be released as a separate paid product. Thus, these will only be partly ancient add-ons, which have been made simply and movingly compatible for Prepar3D v4. Furthermore, neither the prices are known nor whether existing customers will at least receive a discount.

Coolsky Super 80 for Prepar3D v4: Old wine in new containers?

According to this announcement, the Douglas DC-9 is likely to be at the technical level of 2012, when it was first released. The Super 80 Professional is even older and was published in 2009. At least the DC-9 Classic Flight Center will be integrated into the Super 80 and Super 80 Professional.

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