In a Facebook post, the well-known developer studio Drzewiecki Design strongly advises its customers not to continue shopping in the FlightSim Store. The popular online shop does not publish new products or product updates, nor does it respond to customer inquiries. According to the Polish designer team’s post office, even the sales staff would no longer be paid. In short: The Flight SimStore staff no longer seems to be active at all. For this reason Drzewiecki Design will not publish any new content in the FlightSim Store in the future. For all existing customers, this means that new products and updates can no longer be purchased from the store.

Because the Poles don’t want to leave their customers out in the rain, all FlightSim Store customers can download their product updates from the FSPS Store (FSX/P3D) and (X-Plane) in the future. It is sufficient to send an e-mail with the corresponding invoice to the respective shop. More information about the procedure can be found in the Drzewiecki Design forum.

Problems with FlightSim Store are not new

Since the beginning of May 2018 FlightSim Store seems to be experiencing considerable problems, as this Facebook post suggests. Because the primary data server was maintained, most of the files were no longer available for download. On its website, FlightSim tore points out that most of the files have now been transferred to a server. However, some files may still be inaccessible – in this case you should log in via Facebook.

However, it is primarily outraged customers who speak out there – many simulator pilots are apparently still waiting for access to their purchased products. “I bought a product yesterday, the money transfer was confirmed, but the order is still blocked,” writes one. Another customer has been waiting for a working download link for over two weeks. Other users report unanswered email requests and undetectable orders.

After Drzewiecki Design’s contribution, other developers have also spoken. RFScenerybuilding confirms Drzewiecki’s descriptions on their own Facebook page, but does not want to exclude that the store owner is currently in a personal extreme situation.

Formerly popular shop loses importance

The FlightSim Store has existed for a very long time and was known for its high reliability. Thanks to the generally very favourable exchange rate of the Australian dollar, it was also popular thanks to its often favorable prices. Until the opening of its own shop, Orbx Direct, Orbx also relied entirely on the expertise of the FlightSim Store. But with the departure of Orbx in 2016, the FlightSim Store began to descend on the ladder of meaning. Not only did many employees have to leave shortly afterwards, he felt that he died a slow and quiet death.

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