Although Airbus CEO Thomas announced the end of the world’s largest passenger aircraft last week, the Airbus A380 could at least celebrate a revival in the Flight Simulator. In addition to Mettar Simulations, iniSimulations is now working on an replica of the megaliner – but for X-Plane 11. The project was announced at the end of January. Since Sunday new preview pictures and a short video can be seen in the blog of the developers.

More about the Airbus A380

Because the airline Emirates has cancelled its order for 39 Airbus A380s, Airbus will discontinue the project towards the end of 2021. Then the last megaliner will roll off the production line and there will be no further orders. Airlines worldwide prefer smaller models like the Boeing 787 or the Airbus A350. These are not only more economical, but can also be used much more flexibly due to their smaller dimensions.

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