A few minutes ago Aerosoft Cologne (Cologne/Bonn) finally released Prepar3D v4. Already in the past months we had reported several times about the development of the scenery. Aerosoft goes here for the first time new ways, which concerns the developer. If so far all Flight Simulator replicas of the airport were realized by the German Airports team, now the very talented developer Jo Erlend Sund has developed this new edition. The result is the Cologne/Bonn Airport on a complete new level of detail. The scenery is available for 22.64 Euros directly at the Aerosoft Shop.

Aerosoft Cologne (Köln/Bonn): The features

  • Fully compatible with Prepar3D V4.3
  • Includes a very accurate replica of Cologne/Bonn Airport (EEDK, CGN)
  • High-quality 3D models of airport terminals, buildings and other facilities
  • Terminal interior modeled out
  • Photorealistic building and ground textures
  • Animated Jetways
  • Seasonal texture and model variants
  • Winter soil textures with realistic snow effects
  • Highly detailed ground service equipment and filling objects around parking positions
  • Current runway, taxiway and park layouts
  • Realistic rain effects on soil textures
  • Animated service car traffic
  • Animated passengers in the terminal
  • Own animated whirlwind model
  • Compatible with AI Traffic Packages
  • Large photo scenery coverage of the airport and surroundings (approx. 1000 km²)
  • Own effects of runway and approach lights
  • Realistic night effects incl. reflective markers, realistic lamp effects and dynamic adjustment depending on time of day and weather conditions
  • Dynamic floodlights included as option
  • Optional static aircraft included
  • Volumetric grass included as option
  • Configuration tool included

Optional SODE-features (not tested):

  • SODE animated Jetways
  • Animated gates of the engine test site

Official Promotion Video

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