The guys at A2A Simulation have recently released their Accu-sim Bonanza relesed. The infamous General Aviation aircraft is available directly from the developer team’s store for the FSX, FSX:Steam Edition and Prepar3D v4. Depending on the version, it costs between 50 and up to US $100. They promise an extremely detailed replica of the aircraft including very realistic flight characteristics. These should be interesting not least because of the rare and very dangerous V-tail. An overview of the different versions with their respective prices can be found in the full article.

The Original

When Beechcraft introduced the V-35 Bonanza in the late 1940s, it was unique. There was nothing comparable on the general aviation market at that time – even today there is no other aircraft with a V-tail that could compete with the Bonanza in terms of popularity and penetration. Many wealthy recreational pilots bought the V-35, but underestimated the demanding flight dynamics of the high-performance aircraft and crashed to their deaths. This fact brought the Bonanza the nickname Doctor Killer.

Licensing options of the Accu-sim Bonanza

Flight Simulator Lizense Price
FSX/FSX:SE Entertainment $49.99
Prepar3D v4 Academic $49.99
Prepar3D v4 Professional $79.99
FSX/Prepar3D v4 Entertainment/Academic $69.99
FSX/Prepar3D v4 Entertainment/Professional $99.99

Official product video