The Facebook User Kristoffer Eriksen Fokker have yesterday announced a upcoming Freeware of a Boeing 717-200 for X-Plane 11. His post in this X-Plane 11 group contains three preview screenshots showing the rendered exterior model of the plane with a Delta Airlines paint scheme. We contacted Kristoffer for more info. According to his answer, there are still a lot of things to do. We’ve spoken to Kristoffer, collected all information to the project to this post and added a bunch of render screenshots.

More info about the Boeing 717-200 for X-Plane 11

What the developer says: Hi Kristoffer. Do you allready have a planned release date?

Kristopher: Hello, We don’t have any release date yet. The texturing and (remodeling) What’s the size of the team, who’s includet and what’s your role within the development team?

We got Drwindows […] he is the one that are in charge of the systems. or the coding. Matt are the one that are dealing with PBR and depth in the textures.
The texturing and (remodeling) is my work in this project. What i have done is that i got the model from Jayden which are in charge. Who started it all, And what i do is modify them. Makes them more real. What’s the current state of the Boeing 717-200?

The exterior is taking shape as the days go, But the interior haven’t been started yet. What have got into some progress is the virtual cockpit, we are going to have a virtual cockpit. We don’t know how the vc is going to come yet, But hopefully get it as real as we can get.

Virtual Cockpit previews

The Boeing 717-200 for X-Plane 11 will be freeware. All shown preview screenshots are very early screenshots and a work-in-progress. We will stay tuned for you and keep you informed about news about this project.

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