Today TFDi announced PACX, a new tool forĀ Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 to bring AI passengers into the flight simulator. The background is that the tristesse a virtual pilot feels during a flight should be taken away from the simulation. Instead, an interactive and lively flight experience with passengers and crew is to be simulated.

PACX: AI Passengers and Dynamic Announcements

For this each flight should bring a completely new mix of passenger types, with different sensitivities and expectations which creates completely new situations and is to be treated differently. For this purpose, a passenger AI system is to be created that simulates each passenger on board the aircraft individually. For example, it can happen that some passengers on board are on business trips and want to reach their destination on time, while others are on holiday and value a relaxed flight without much stress.

In addition, there will be dynamic announcements from the crew, individualized for each flight. For example, a morning flight with the number 4553 to Los Angeles will receive the announcement “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight 4553 with service to Los Angeles”. As a pilot you will have the possibility to make individual announcements to the passengers via a communication panel, for example regarding bad weather along the route.

All further information is available in an extensive announcement post directly in the TFDi blog. We’ll stay here for you too.

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