On Friday evening Airfoillabs released their King Air 350 for X-Plane 11. The twin-engine turboprop costs about US $50 and is available at the X-Plane.org store. In the product description, the development team promises a business aircraft with study level systems. However, the King Air 350’s user-friendly interface should also be suitable for Flight Simulator pilots who prefer less complex aircraft.

The King Air 350 from Airfoillabs is equipped with two PT6A-60A propeller turbines and comes with an analogue cockpit. Consequently, the add-on is the model variant Beechcraft manufactured until about 2003. The last time we reported about the project was in May 2018.

According to the product description, the product has an extremely detailed model including all rivets and screws. Even the ice on the wings should be visible. Despite the many details, Airfoillabs also promises a high performance optimization.

Further features of the Airfoillabs King Air 350

In addition, the developers promise the complete simulation of almost all systems. This includes electrics and avionics, the auxiliary power unit (APU), engines and pneumatics. Only the Flight Management System (FMS) has not been extensively programmed. Instead, this is the standard model from Laminar Research.

Last but not least, the King Air from Airfoillabs uses the new XJet plug-in. This not only manages the product license, but is also intended to enable the simulation of complex electrical systems. In addition, XJet offers automatic updates and interactive checklists.

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