This weekend, the X-Rotors AW139 4.0 has been released for X-Plane 11. The medium-weight helicopter is currently available as an Early Access version at a reduced introductory price of about 30 Euros directly from the manufacturer. Required is X-Plane 11.30 or higher.

The Leonardo AW139 (formerly Augusta Westland) is a successful multi-purpose helicopter from Italy. More than 900 helicopters have been built so far, and the machine is used in many different industries. The AW139 is represented worldwide in rescue, military, police and offshore services.

X-Rotors already implemented the model for X-Plane 10 earlier, but according to the developers the new version is 99% completely new.

Functions of the X-Rotors AW139

  • highly detailed interior and exterior model
  • high-resolution textures
  • Plugin-controlled rotor animation, including swashplate and tail rotor
  • refined model aircraft
  • realistic startup procedure, including hot start simulation
  • Plug-in-controlled, fully simulated trim
  • Cabin lighting (pulpit and emergency lighting) and cockpit spotlights (NVG and storm lights)
  • functional rotor brake
  • four different paintings of large offshore companies
  • The old thin plugin was ported to X-LUA, so the add-on is compatible to Linux.
  • realistic engine power management system
  • realistic soundset (FMOD) with Bitching Betty
  • Primus Epicâ„¢ Replica now with working small joystick for PFD (MFD functions disabled in this version)
  • Dual mode autopilot with HOV mode (Auto-Hover) and RHT mode (Radio Altimeter)
  • new FMS
  • Pilot seat with height adjustment
  • Particle system (Heat Blur)
  • Panel sunscreens
  • animated pilot

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