After the announcement of the release of JetStream Designs Orly in the beginning of december (we’ve already reported), the airport is now available for Prepar3D v4. The scenery of this airport costs around 29 Euros and can be purchased at simMarket. According to the product description the add-on scenery offers a native replica for Prepar3D v4, including ground polygons with water effects. In addition there are SODE passenger Jetways, dynamic lighting and animated vehicles.

Paris-Orly Airport is currently undergoing major renovation. The new “La Jonction” terminal is due to open its doors in 2019. This is the airport operator’s response to the increase in passenger numbers and also aims to offer better service quality. The new building with 80,000 square metres connects the previously separated Orly Ouest and Orly Sud terminals to one gigantic building.

In JetStream Designs’s scenery, “La Jonction” is already fully operational. Furthermore, the extension in the south of the airport and the extension of Hall 4 in the west are already included in the add-on. Further construction sites at the airport are shown in the simulator with construction site material and corresponding vehicles.

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