With the Christian Eagle II, the development team Magnitude 3 LLC has brought a rather unusual aircraft for the Digital Combat Simulator. The double-decker is currently available in the pre sale at the Eagle Dynamics shop for around 24 US dollars. The module is expected to be released at the end of January 2019. According to the product description, the plane will feature a highly detailed tandem cockpit, contemporary textures and much more. In addition, there is a realistic replica of the Lycoming IO-360 engine includet. To replicate the characteristics of the real plane, there was built an external flight model.

Magnitude 3 LLC is the result of the development team Leatherneck Simulations, which has already implemented the MiG-21bis for DCS. The Christian Eagle II is now the first module of Magnitude 3 LLC after the splitting. As the developers write in the forum of Eagle Dynamics, they want to break new ground with the module. “We firmly believe that the DCS simulator platform could be extended beyond its original military purpose,” they said. The Christian Eagle II is the first step into such a future.

Official preview video of the Christian Eagle II

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