Just in time for Halloween you can not only get scared in offline life, but often also in front of your PC when looking at the prices of different add-ons. Because this event has meanwhile developed to the dates in the year, at which also in the flight simulation one can count on increased discount actions. We got an overview for you which development studio offers discounts and how high they are. The result of our tough and fearless investigation for the Flight Simulation Halloween Sales 2018 can be found in this article.

The Halloween Sales 2018

50% off

 XP11   P3D/FSX During October 31th, Orbx offers a Flash Sale on almost everything. However, products published in the last 30 days are excluded. The sale action can be found on Orbx Direct.

 P3D/FSX  One of the three 50% off action comes from NextGen Simulaitons. You can find their offer at simMarket. The action ends on November 5th.

 P3D/FSX  Another 50% discount is offered to all sceneries of Mex High Flight. The sale action is live until November 5th.

40% off

 XP11  Although Ultimate Water XP11 is currently the only product from High Sky Tech, it has been reduced by 40% as part of a Halloween sale until October 31.

 P3D/FSX  VirtualCol has reduced their whole product range by 40%. The Action ends on November 4th and can be found at simMarket.

35% off

 P3D/FSX  Except Kansas, Tropical Sim offers 35% discount to all their products. The sale action is live until October 31.

30% off

 P3D/FSX  HiFi Technologies have reducet the price of their weather tools by 30%. The offer ends on November 5.

 P3D/FSX  A discount of 30% is available on all Airports by Realworld Scenery until 5 November.

 XP11   P3D/FSX  The developers of Drzewiecki Design are also offering 30% discount to all their products during their Halloween Sale until November 1st.

 P3D/FSX  Also until November 1st, you can save 30% on Flightbeam‘s Denver and Washington. Their Halloween discount is available in their own store.

 P3D/FSX  Halloween Sale without ifs and buts is available at FSX3D who have reduced all their products by 30%. The promotion goes until November 2nd and can be found at simMarket.

 P3D/FSX  PerfectSoft Studio Agadir for FSX and Prepar3D is also reduced by 30% until November 1st.

25% off

 XP11   P3D/FSX  For the upcoming FS Weekend in Lelystad, Aerosoft have reduced all their Dutch sceneries by 25%. The action is valid until November 4th.

 P3D/FSX  25% discount is also available at flyTampa. And that on Boston and Toronto until 1 November.

 XP11  Up to 25% off at the X-Plane.org Store on all FlyJSim Aircraft.

 P3D/FSX  Another 25% can be saved on LatinVFR, on all of their products. The promotion runs until 31 October.

 P3D/FSX  Prealsoft also offers a 25% discount on almost all products. Only Malta is excluded from the promotion. The Halloween Sale runs until November 1st and can also be found at simMarket.

20% off

 XP11  Globall Art offers a discount between 20% and 30%. The promotion runs at simMarket until November 1st.

 P3D/FSX  Another 20% are offered by TOGA Projects on all their products. The Halloween Sale is available until November 2nd at simMarket.

 P3D/FSX  There is also a 20% discount on selected products from MK-Studios. Further information of the sale action, which runs until 2 November 2018, can be found at simMarket.

 P3D/FSX  Fabio Merlo’s Flight Control Replay for FSX and Prepar3D also received a discount of 20%. The sale action runs until November 7th 2018 at simMarket.

 P3D/FSX  You have to hurry up for 20% discount on all sceneries of RFscenerybuilding as their campaign ends on October 31st.

 P3D/FSX  With the promotion code “halloweensale2018” you can save another 20% on all products of SamScene3D.

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