About an hour ago, the Dreamfoil EMB 110 is now also available for X-Plane 11. The airplane was already available for X-Plane 10 since June 2015. The now released version was published as a separate product and was completely rebuild for its use in X-Plane 11. So it has an improved flight model, PBR textures at the outside and the interior model and much more. It is also now VR-compatible and brings any new features. Furthermore Dreamfoil Creations promises a very in-depth replica of the aircraft. It comes with a very detailed model of the aircraft and an in-depth simulation of its systems. It is available for US $29.95 directly at the X-Plane.org Store.

Dreamfoil EMB 110 for X-Plane 11 Image 4

Dreamfoil EMB 110 for X-Plane 11 Image 2

Dreamfoil EMB 110 for X-Plane 11 Image 3

More features of the Dreamfoil EMB 110

  • Improved Flight Model for X-Plane 11
  • New PBR textures on both Interior and Exterior
  • VR-compatible
  • New exterior objects
  • All Systems simulated including all switches
  • “Disc effect” Simulation at the propellers
  • Failures simulation including:
    • Engine Fire
    • Over-torque
    • Electrical Failures
    • Landing gear
    • and much more…
  • Manual landing gear actuator
  • Laminar GNS430/530 includet
  • Realistic exterior and interior sounds
  • All horns simulated
  • Over 50 custom Sounds added
  • 3D directional sounds – Compatible with Rapture3D plugin (same used by codemasters)
  • Custom sounds for switches, buttons and circuit breakers
  • And much more!

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