With Prepar3D v4.3, Lockheed-Martin released today the latest version of their Flight Simulator. It brings some new features, so that for example vehicle panels can now be used in VR. Furthermore Prepar3D now has a Scenery Library and Add-Ons on the Startup Screen and an interactive Map was added to the Selection Screen. The standard hangar of the flight simulator is also expanded again in the new version. Six different versions of the C130 Hercules have now been added. Besides these visible changes, a lot has happened under the hood. A detailed list of all improvements can be found in the changelog, which can be viewed in this announcement post.

Updating to Prepar3D v4.3

As always, the good news is that no one has to reinstall the entire simulator. Simply uninstall the old client and then install the new client. Just a few applications need updating a few products like ftx Central, Active Sky and FSUIPC5, that’s all. Instructions for updating Prepar3D can be found in the Support Forum.

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