In a post on his blog, Andras Fabian of announced that he would stop developing and withdraw from the X-Plane community. “I am coming closer to a point, where I need to change” he writes. “A point, where I feel that its time to re-focus and give myself more time for other things in my life.” Andras Fabian has been developing free mesh scenarios for X-Plane for about eleven years and has made a name for himself in the community.

However, his freeware sceneries, such as his HD and Ultra-HD meshes, will still be available as they are hosted on third-party servers likeĀ Aerosoft. The hosting costs of his website are also justifiable, which is why it will not be switched off for the next time. If you want to say thank you and say goodbye with a small donation from Andras, you can do so on the website.


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